Screen Printed Zen Tee


Lose yourself in thought, and everything in your mind becomes reality, and reality becomes the limits of your imagination. Go beyond thought and time comes to a standstill where peace and tranquillity overcomes every element, as life-force pulsates throughout this little girl and her trusty bear. The journey ahead will be long and dangerous and clear minds shall balance their embark…



The limited edition Zen design displays our characters lost in thought; paradoxically meditating.

This design comes on our white, loose fit, curved hem t-shirt.  Placed on the left chest area using a screen printing method comprising of 4 colours. This design is limited to 1000 units.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Womens Size Fits Chest Size
6 - 8 XS 30.5"-32.5" (76 cm - 83 cm)
8 - 10 S 33"-35" (84 cm - 89 cm)
10 - 12 M 35.5"-37.5" (90 cm - 95 cm)
12 - 14 L 38"-40" (96 cm - 101 cm)
14 - 16 XL 40.5" (102 cm)
Mens Size Fits Chest Size
XS 84cm
S 92cm
M 100cm
L 108cm