What you see here is the development of our wooden keyring accessories. Switching from perspex to wood, we have focus tested, fine tuned and listened to the feedback of our initial design. See what we plan to do next with these. The Little Lost Girl team.

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20% Off Promotion

To celebrate the launch of our new embroidery Zen tee, we are running a promotion for 20% off all our t-shirts for a limited time. Browse and check our shop, while not forgetting to use the code below, when checking out! llg-special-20 The Little Lost Girl team.

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Our New Embroidered Zen T-Shirt

Our previous hold-up allowed us some recovery to evaluate and reassess our plan of action. Going back to the drawing board working with our original screen printer, we wanted to create a variation of our existing design.   Our embroidered piece uses 4 colours with over 12,000 stitches. The final outcome definitely being one we are very proud of, pleased with […]

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