About Us

Little Lost Girl started as an idea and then turned into a project in London between a few like minded friends. We wanted to create something that would get us excited if we saw it in the shops, to put our own stamp on it and appeal to our collecting and geeky nature that we have as individuals along with our passion for unique T-shirts.

About Us

Over time the execution has changed from what we started out with, yet our focus and goals have remained the same. That focus was to make unique, character branded clothing of high quality and collectable in nature, that would appeal to everyone young and old alike.

We have taken a painstaking amount of time to create our product from sampling materials, to pattern making and finding the best possible printers for our intricate designs, along with all the tiny details that we hope you will notice when you come across one of our unique products. We have been blogging all the steps of what we have been up to so far and it’s the best way to keep up to date with our story as well as see how much effort and love have been put into our products. If you are new to our site and blog go back and give some of the old posts a look as there is some interesting stuff.

About Us

We are very happy with the quality of our products; we have considered every detail and feel this comes across in all aspects of what we do.  All of our clothing products will be produced in a limited quantity, will truly be unique and we have controlled every aspect of production in order to ensure quality.

We are a startup and if you have any comments reach us via our social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Currently we have just launched our new site and our very first products are now for sale. We are still playing with new designs for clothing as well as many other products which we will share on our blog and have for sale on our site over time. Our journey with the Little Girl will take us far and wide and we hope you will join us as we might even make it to space or somewhere just as dangerous.


Everything we do will be found here at littlelostgirl.co.uk first so visit regularly.



Little Lost Girl Team.


Little Girl and The Bear.